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WHITEPAPER | Mobile Point-of-Sale market in India


The shift towards India’s digital economy is expected to bring in plenty of benefits to both the merchants and consumers right from minimizing the risk of handling cash to time saving and security based transactions. Here’s one such study that ResearchFox conducted to know the POS market ecosystem in India.

The whitepaper sheds light on the existing PoS market of India, the possible scope of improvements, the existing customer acceptance of mPoS solutions and the competition that exists in the present market. In addition to this, the market drivers and challenges are also analyzed for the mPoS market.

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Indian Office Equipment Market 2014–19

Indian Office Equipment Market  2014 - 2019 (002).jpg

The market for office equipment in India is catching up and this whitepaper provides deep insights on how the market is expected to fare in the next five years. It also presents interpretative and easy-to-understand facts on how the current office equipment market is segmented based on the region.

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