Encryption Software Market – Outlook (2017-21)

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According to the security experts, most of the data breaches that have been reported in the past could have been easily prevented, had the companies implemented simple encryption software solutions to their IT infrastructures.  In this scenario, presence of better encryption software solutions would certainly help the users to protect the information even if it is stolen or downloaded.

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3D Imaging Software Market – Layout & Animation Outlook (2017-21)

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3D imaging is being widely adopted across industries such as Healthcare, Defence, Industry & Heavy Engineering, Media & Entertainment and Others.  Enhanced imaging and improved visualisation are the significant factors for 3D imaging software that has driven its demand among various industries.

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Passenger Information System Market – Railways Outlook (2017-21)

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Passenger Information System (PIS) market is an emerging device segment which is grabbing attention all over the globe. Growing need for real time access of passenger information is enabling the implementation of these systems.

Find out how Passenger Information System (PIS) solutions will bring about a transformation in the Railways segment.  

Biometrics Technology Market – Healthcare Outlook (2017-21)

Biometrics Technology Market - Outlook (2015-19).jpg

As the technology is evolving day by day, biometric technology is becoming the most pioneering security mechanism. Biometrics gives more security then the traditional one in which password is required for authentication which can be easily hacked.

This report presents interpretative and easy-to-understand facts on how the Biometrics technology is segmented.

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