Biometrics Technology Market – Healthcare Outlook (2017-21)

Biometrics Technology Market - Outlook (2015-19).jpg

As the technology is evolving day by day, biometric technology is becoming the most pioneering security mechanism. Biometrics gives more security then the traditional one in which password is required for authentication which can be easily hacked.

This report presents interpretative and easy-to-understand facts on how the Biometrics technology is segmented.

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Pre-Launch study for a Health Diagnostic Product

The study was conducted to know the procedure followed by various diagnostic centers in collection of blood samples.

It has helped the client to know whether diagnostic centers of Bangalore follow a manual or automated approach for analysis of blood smear slides. The number of blood samples they process everyday and the number of collection centers owned. The number of Hematologists working in the respective centers and similar others.

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Mobile Health Apps & Solutions Market — North America


With the increasing number of users for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the availability of a wide variety of services through mobile channel has also increased. Mobile healthcare is one among such innovations which allows the general public to avail healthcare services, be it a hospital check-in or in-home physician check-up or fitness tracking, at their fingertips.

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