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Competitive Landscape of Oline Education Institutes

Competitive Landscape - Online Education Institutes in India.jpg

Our client is a leading video platform provider providing online coaching through mobile application to various courses in India.

This study has helped the client to understand the competition in the market for online education institutes. To plot marketing and advertising strategy for Robomate Plus.

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ResearchFox proposed a comprehensive approach to derive a realistic product pricing which would encompass all the essentials. Following was key milestones to the research: Mapped the competitor ecosystem of market specific to our client’s niche. Benchmarked the players and parameterize their pricing.

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Edtech Trends in K12 Space


The education sector have been transforming over the years. Here’s a technology brief about the Edtech trends that is changing the K12 landscape that have emerged responding to problems and forces that have shaped the world of education for decades where technology also plays very critical role to mold the tradition method of learning.

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