User Research

With companies insisting high on understanding the behaviours and needs of their potential and actual users (consumer) to be appealing in the market.  It has created the necessity for the emergence of user Research. Before leaping into user research, let me take you through the differences between the Market Research and User Research.

Difference between the Market Research and User research

Even though the methods adopted in Market Research and User research are similar the purpose they serve are entirely different. The market research helps you to identify the demand for your product in the market.

Whereas User Research observes how the market is performing and identifies where there is necessity for improvement in the market. In this form of research potential users and actual users of the product are considered to be the target segment, where recommendations and observations related to product are captured from them for the betterment of product.

Why user research is essential?

As mentioned above, Market research will help companies to identify the potential market for their product. But User research will help companies to reinforce their product appeal in the market. User Research has a significant role in both development and lifecycle stages of a Product.

To enter into the market, with a product that is appealing and to win consumer appreciation has not been an easy task for companies these days. It’s not enough to know your consumers, but it is more important to know the pulse of your consumers.

Yes, what you read was right the scope for product innovation is high in today’s competitive market. To outstand from your competitors it’s essential to be innovative. Hence, User research is shaping itself as one of important tool for companies and product mangers to develop a product that accurately meets the needs of the consumers.

With User research being an iterative process with a lesser sample size being used for observational research. This will help companies to interact with actual users of their product to understand their behaviour, expectations and motive. Hence forth the companies will be able to identify their improvement areas of their products.

So which is essential Market Research or User Research?     

Market Research will help companies to get a bigger picture of the potential consumers for their product in the market, it plays an important role in understanding the demand for your existing product and also your new product prototype in the market. This research will help companies to mitigate the risk of product failure in the market. Moreover, market research will also help companies to understand the demand for their existing product in new markets.

User research plays an important role in strengthening the product appeal in the market both at the development and aftermarket stage of the product. However both these research becomes vital for companies to enter in to the market with new product prototype and also to improve the existing product in the market by responding to consumers’ needs.


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