Adaptive Learning Software Market (2018-2022)

The global education technology market can be broadly classified into two segments namely technological architecture and collaborative tools. The technological architecture mainly consists of software, hardware and services. The hardware segment consists of interactive displays, interactive whiteboards, projectors and educational personal computers. The software segment consists of systems such as Classroom Management System (CMS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) followed by solutions like adaptive learning and learning analytics. Adaptive learning is a vital part of the education technology. It aims at improving student engagement, learning and participation by using analytics information and technology.
Adaptive learning is an educational process which uses computer algorithm in order to manage the interaction with the learner and deliver customized learning activities to deal with the unique needs of each learner. Computers are designed to adapt the presentation of educational material according to learning needs of the students, as depicted by their responses to questions, tasks and experiences. The market is segmented in terms of geography, types, and end-users. Also, for more insights related to the market
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